About me

I am a Swedish visual artist based in the countryside of Co Mayo, Ireland who works primarily with photography and the moving image. I completed a BA (Hon) degree in Fine Art; Photography, Video & Film at LSAD in Limerick 2018. Since then, I have worked on various projects and has exhibited my work in several locations throughout Ireland and Sweden.

My practice focuses primarily on the subject of nature, in combination with identity, mental health and the connection between the landscape and the human figure. I am interested in the idea of the unseen and obscured - what oftentimes is perceived as the ‘dysfunctional’. There is a play with physicality in my imagery - I use my body to challenge myself; push limits to observe what the body can perform; and how it in turn, reacts to the natural elements. Themes such as embodiment of place, belonging and displacement are important within my work, and the performative interaction with nature.