About me

 am a Swedish visual artist based in Ireland working primarily with photography and the moving image. I completed a (BA Hon) degree in Fine Art; Photography, Video and Film at LSAD in Limerick 2018. My work is often focused on psychological studies and mental health; I am interested in the idea of the unseen and obscured - what oftentimes is perceived as the ‘dysfunctional’.

There is a play with physicality in my imagery - I incorporate performative elements to bridge the gap between the unconscious and the deliberate, immediate surroundings. I use my body to challenge myself, push my limits and see what my body can perform, observe how it connects with, or reacts to the natural elements. The Body, Nature and Landscape are important themes in my work, the relationship we have with nature and how it can be an extension of ourselves; that raw connection that can be created between human and nature - I have always been drawn to explore that idea.