About me

I am a Swedish visual artist based in rural Co Mayo, Ireland who works primarily with photography and the moving image. I completed a BA (Hon) degree in Fine Art; Photography, Video & Film at LSAD in Limerick 2018. Since then, I have worked on various projects and exhibited my work at both group and solo exhibitions in Ireland and Sweden. I curated two group shows at Livestock Music & Art Festival, Galway 2022/23.

My practice focuses primarily on the subject of nature, in combination with identity, mental health and the connection between the landscape and the human figure. I am interested in the idea of the unseen and obscured - what oftentimes is perceived as the ‘dysfunctional’. There is a play with physicality in my imagery - I use my body to challenge myself; push limits to observe what the body can perform; and how it in turn, reacts to the natural elements. Themes such as embodiment of place, belonging and displacement are important within my work, and the performative interaction with nature.