Spring (Video 7:07 min)

My work delves into the psychology of contemporary trauma and this experimental short film is exploring the stigma of toxic masculinity and mental health; looking at the notion of losing one’s true identity and finding a way to reconnect. Without any dialogue it wishes to take the audience on a meditative audio-visual journey that seeks to challenge traditional masculinity and how males are portrayed in mainstream media.

The element water is an important part as it symbolizes birth, protection, weightlessness, but also death; the rivers in Ireland have too many times been the last resort for many people who are suffering. There is a reflective element to moving water, almost hypnotizing and comforting; it can bring peace. On the contrary water can also be overpowering, suffocating, just like the struggles of mental health can be.

The notion of self-discovery is explored through the connection with nature and how a different perspective on manhood and vulnerability can open to change.