Into the Void/Beyond

In this experimental piece, I am working with the body to explore a sense of claustrophobia, desolation and alienation; how we seek connection to nature, other humans, as well as to ourselves but being confined and deluded by our own minds and our inability to communicate. It is a play with the surreal and the somber and wants to look at the juxtaposition of how we simultaneously limit ourselves as well as having translucent moments where we are in tune with freedom. We are comfortable in that familiar repetitive space but at the same time we want to reinvent ourselves; to build spiritual connections and seek transformations.
With inspiration from visual artists such as Francesca Woodman and Vicky Langan and the literary work of Frans Kafka; Metamorphosis, the I seek to experiment with the human body in a sculptural manner and how it relates to physical and psychological spaces.



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