Nature and Womanhood; The 'Other'

The 'Other'

In this ongoing project I am studying the subject of Biophilia; the human connection to the natural world, while also looking at eco-feminism; how society's treatment of the environment is homogenous to how it treats women. The destruction and oppression against the environment is a patriarchal structure and mirrors how we dominate women and the feminine energy, while simultaneously celebrate them as sources of resources for survival. There is a need to be close to nature, be ‘one with nature’, while at the same time destruct, and deconstruct. There is a power dynamic of giving and taking; to dominate and control. 

I envision a world where the spirit of womanhood and nature converges in a symphony of colors, shapes, and textures. I celebrate the innate wisdom that emanates from both feminine energy and the natural world. The cyclical patterns of nature resonate with the stages of a woman's life, emphasizing the regenerative power that exists within both realms.