We Live In The Now

We Live In The Now is a series investigating memories, the familial and the archive. Thinking of the past, present and spectacles, the fragility of the human experience.

The feeling that life is fleeting, fragmented, ephemeral.
I am exploring an evolving and everchanging persona, how our bodies, our minds, our views are in constant flux, and how the lingering threat of death is always there, dark in the corner.
After supporting my mother through a health scare and bearing witness to my grandaunts descend into dementia I have been forced to look at life and my own mortality; what I remember, who I was, who I am, who I will be.
Time goes by without mercy, steady marching and moments come and go.

I connect BODY/ NATURE; letting nature and the forest who also is constantly growing and dying be the canvas, be the impermanence we surround ourselves with.
Working with long exposures, photo collages as well as delving into an extensive family photographic archive which my father have accumulated over many years to superimpose old imagery with the new, I am seeking to capture the dreamlike fragments of life, the formless constant changes moving us forward, connecting memories with the now and the future.

By repurposing old imagery I am Investigating how images and ideas transform in new context, how the physical form of memorabilia and the photographic archive takes on a new meaning and creates new emotional response when altered.


The Past Beats In Me Like a Second Heart

Solitudes I
The Family

I Hear You Over The Seas

Neither Here Nor There

Solitudes II


Christmas trees and Jingle Bells