And I danced the Waltz Through the Silence (2016)

In one of the projects in college touching upon narrative within photography we were asked to produce a minimum of six images in a response to Robert Smithson’s essay ‘A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey’. In my exploration of Limerick city, a place I just moved to, I found that I developed a persona that transformed into a metaphor for the connection between the human element and the urban space. I was investigating how we move around in public spaces, how we try to find our place in a new environment. In my images there are only the figure and the city, they are otherwise devoid of any other people or interactions.The city is an empty space; an open playground where the possibilities are open. Besides the playfulness and tranquility there are also a sense of loneliness; the feeling of isolation that can be with us in the beginning of settling in somewhere new.


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